Trip Master Pro 2.3

Source:Wireless Designs, LLC

Make your mileage tracking problems a thing of the past!

IF YOU ARE UPGRADING FROM TRIP MASTER: Make sure to upgrade to at least Trip Master 2.2 before purchasing Pro. Your upgrade will go much smoother (more below).

Trip Master is a mobile application that allows you to track and maintain a record of your business travel mileage. Trip Master's key features include:

- Record mileage using vehicle Odometer
- Route calculation using addresses
- Export of mileage data for reporting purposes
- Copy previous trips for easy re-entry

With Trip Master Pro, you get the following added functionality:

- Automatic Local Data Backup
- Enter start and end addresses from your Contacts
- Create "favorite" trips for even faster entry
- No Ads!

For those of you upgrading from Trip Master's free version, make sure you are running Trip Master 2.2 or later before purchasing. Pro will automatically detect that you have the free version and import your existing data for you, and this process was improved in 2.2. Using an older version will require you to make and transfer a backup copy (see our website for more details).

Thanks to all of you who continue to contact us with feedback! We love to hear your feedback via email or twitter (follow @tripmasterapp)! We love your reviews as well, but can't respond to them!

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